To anyone that has ever personally asked us one of the questions below (or all of them), Thank You!  You have helped inspire the formation of this list!





What is Anarchaforko?

Born in criticisms of Anarchapulco, Anarchaforko is an attempt to be the change we want to see in the world. Part of what made the first several years of Anarchapulco magical were the fact that it was a lot more decentralized than it has been recently.

Not only that but Anarchapulco has since moved out of Acapulco into nearby suburb Diamante into a beautiful but isolated resort. Anarchaforko was formed partially in an attempt to bring the anarchists back to the incredibly vibrant and anarchic city that is Acapulco and allow them to take control to sculpt their own experience, be it in what they attend, what they host or both.



Why Acapulco?

While there is value to the atmosphere of an isolated resort, many of the conference attendees miss out on the true Acapulco, the city that enchants nearly everyone that comes here especially those looking for opportunity. The city is growing and thriving and is the perfect place for anarchists and crypto-currency enthusiasts to congregate and exist peaceful in a freedom filled environment.



Who’s speaking?

By nature Anarchaforko is decentralized and that includes the schedule and speaker list. For one, everyone involved in Anarchaforko is a participant and how involved you become is up to you. If you have something to share, consider getting creative with perhaps a class, workshop or something else interactive as that was what was most popular last year. Speeches are welcome if it’s the best way to share what you have to share, but just remember it’s up to you to schedule yourself, not us!



How do I become a speaker?

The first step is to get a ticket, once you have a ticket you will have the capability to add events as well as participate in the affiliate marketing program we have. You can add as many events as you want, and a speech would count as an event if that’s what you want to do. We highly suggest getting creative!



When’s it happening?

The dates are February 22-24 2019 this year for the main fork event. Beyond that we expect events to go on so long as fork participants are in town and getting together, there’s no technical limit as far as the calendar is concerned if people are actually using it. We are not interested in making anyone choose between events so you can go to Anarchapulco and still fork with us to try something different at Anarchaforko!!







Hotel Copacabana and Conference Center is where we will have two large conference halls for sure, and likely some smaller areas available around the premises. If we sell 500 tickets by the new year, we will go forward with getting last years giant location as well. One hall is intended to be a marketplace, for people to sell goods and services, the other an area for people to meet, present, teach, share ect. Anyone can schedule to host things in that room be it a talk, workshop, class or whatever.

Beyond the hotel, we fully expect and encourage people to put things on elsewhere in the main bay of Acapulco. Have an apartment and want to have a meetup there? Put it on the calendar for other people to see and become involved. Want to go to a club with other anarchists? Add that too. Children’s day at a water park? Totally counts.





What’s the point?

We forked for many reasons, one of the most important was to give those who wanted it an opportunity to take advantage of the city with other anarchists, in an organized way. Fully functional the website will have a schedule where you can host events and even make tickets for those events if you hold a ticket. You can sell tickets to make money, quite a bit of money just by sharing a link. You can share whatever you want without having to ask anyone if it fits the schedule, if it fits your schedule what does it matter? People can schedule events at the same time as others and it’s up to the market to decide what’s valuable.






What does a ticket get me?

Access to the affiliate marketing program. For every ticket sold using your link, you make half the ticket price back in crypto after the main event. This is an excellent way to cover the costs of Anarchforko, even travel and lodging.


The ability to add events and tickets to those events. Everyone who has a ticket can add as many events as they want to the calendar. We wont censor anything, the only events that we will remove will be spam which we don’t really expect to be an issue. Events can be added right before they happen and they were last year which made things extremely spontaneous. People would ask me the schedule and when I’d look it up, it’d almost always be different from the last time which was exciting.

Why do you only accept cryptocurrency/limited cryptocurrency?

Keeping in with our tradition from last year we accept only SmartCash, BitcoinCash, Steem and Steem Dollars. We may expand that slightly soon but we will never accept fiat in an attempt to support cryptocurrency in general.

If you want to demand that we accept your preferred currency (for you and for everyone else too), we have a sponsor slot for that.

How do I sponsor Anarchaforko?

If you’re interested in sponsoring the conference, contact us at anarchaforko@protonmail.com

How do I become a vendor?

We fully intend to encourage a vibrant marketplace with both locals and expats at Anarchaforko. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, contact us at anarchaforko@protonmail.com for more details!

How involved can I become?

This isn’t just our project and if you feel passionate about it, feel free to become involved. Kenny Palurintano comes to mind when I think of last year, as he really took what we were offering and ran with it. A huge part of why last year turned out as good as it did is because of the work that Kenny did, and all he did was become passionate about the idea and get involved.

Who can throw an event?

Anyone who holds a ticket will have the capability to add events to the dynamic calendar, which will update immediately. The events do not need approved by us. We will only remove obvious spam.

What are we allowed to do?

If it doesn’t violate the non-aggression principle, you can really do what you want. If you just want to come and attend, great. If you want to promote and sell lots of tickets to make lots of money, more power to you. If you want to give a speech, go for it, but we encourage you to think outside the box and find creative interactive ways to get your message across.

How long will it last?

The main event dates are 22-24 but the whole event is really a month or more around that time, basically whenever fork participants are in town and getting together. Meetups at restaurants, parks, the archaelogical zone or whatever are welcome to be a part of the calendar which will display live online at all times during the event. Be sure to check often because things will change by the minute!

How do I become an affiliate?

Get a ticket and you should get your affiliate information with 24 hours. If you don’t, contact us and we will manually send out the email with login information.

How to get started as an affiliate?

Check your email for your affiliate information after getting your ticket. It should arrive within 24 hours. Use that information to login on the Affiliates Area tab on the website, under the resources tab.

Copy the link in there and share it with friends to get credit for ticket sales.

How to sell tickets?

Just share your affiliate code around privately and publicly to promote the event and also your sales!