When you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive an affiliate code. Then, for each ticket sold using your affiliate URL, you'll receive an award of 50% ticket price. If you sell 2 tickets, your ticket price will essentially be FREE.

We strongly believe in the advancement of cryptocurrencies, so that is the only form of payment we accept, in the form of: Bitcoin Cash, Smartcash, Steem, and Steem Dollars. There’s an opportunity here for others to monetize and convert to fiat for a fee, but this is not a service we will provide directly, so crypto only please! Children 13 and under are free.

When you have fully checked out, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER for ticket & affiliate information.

For those only interested in the Steemfest Fork, you can purchase your reduced price ticket here for 50 USD. If you purchased a ticket for Anarchaforko, you get into Steemfest Fork as a part of your ticket price.

Anarchaforko 2018

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