While we don't decide who is imporant and who speaks with a speaker list, we have compiled this list of the more well known names who are involved with the fork this year.  Click their photos to find out more about them or their projects! More to come, stay tuned!

Danny Sessom

The Crypto Show

Avens O'Brien

Activist, Photographer, Lit.Club and More!

Larken Rose

Philosopher and Author, The Most Dangerous Superstition ever and more.

Amanda Rachwitz

The Dragon Anarchist

Vít Jedlička


Dan Dicks

Press for Truth

Mark Passio

What on Earth is Happening

Tatiana Moroz

The Crypto Hub

Mark Edge

Free Talk Live

Erika Harris

Empathic Writer and Cannabis Activist

David Rodriguez

Lyn Ulbricht

Doug Barbieri

Juan Galt