why the fork



Why fork Anarchapulco?

Criticisms that fall on the right ears become opportunities and the criticisms of Anarchapulco have helped us to shape our vision for this project.

This is not just our idea but the ideas of many people which we have attempted to bring together in a constructive way. The only way to see change in this world is to make it happen and Anarchaforko is our attempt to change our world.

Most Conferences are setup in a centralized way. Last year we returned the power of the schedule to those who hold the tickets, giving everyone who wanted the chance to show what they have to offer.  The market decides and it was beautiful!

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What's the problem?

As Anarchapulco has grown and changed a lot has been left behind, namely two important things that inspired the creation of the special format of Anarchaforko.....


A lot of the magic that was found in the first two years of Anarchapulco was due the dynamic open format of the main bay of Acapulco.  When Anarchapulco left Acapulco for the secluded resort in nearby suburb Diamante it left behind everything that the bay and it's people have to offer. The remoteness of the resort combined with the busy schedule makes it so many people never get to experience the true Acapulco!


The first two Anarchapulco's were made awesome by the people who pitched in to make it so.  By returning all of the power to the participants in regards to the schedule, we allow the magic that started there to blossom into something really cool, right in the heart of the city. 

Making treats visible helps motivate your dog to do the correct action. Healthy and dog-friendly treats could be bought in your local pet stores. (2)

The solution to this is Anarchaforko!


While Anarchapulco does provide for a certain audience we know for a fact that many people crave something more out of an anarcho-capitalist conference.  People crave the chance to sculpt their own experience in the way that Anarchaforko provides, we just try to provide the platform to help make it happen and let you handle the rest!

The Point of Decentralization

In our eyes the point of decentralization has always been to return the power to sculpt ones experience to the individual and the point of Anarchaforko is to do just that.  Get creative in how you get involved and don't be afraid to think outside the box. 

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This, to us, is a decentralized sandbox of anarchists, sharing, gathering to share, celebrate, perform, play, trade, teach, enjoy the nature and culture of Acapulco, and build more direct connections with other anarchists that are powerful and life changing. 

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