The main event of Anarchaforko 2.0 will be held in both large conference halls at Hotel Copacabana on February 22-24th.  For those who are staying longer, Anarchaforko extends for a whole month!

Reserve your discounted hotel room today for Anarchaforko 2.0!

Anarchaforko 2.0 Hotel Cobacabana Package Rates

How to reserve a beach front Anarchaforko discounted Hotel Room: Click the button below which will take you to Hotel Copacabana's Page.  In the right hand corner, look for a chat box and mention Anarchaforko in the chat box to reserve your preferred package with the special rate. This will change to an easier system soon!


$2,080 MXN per night, solo occupancy

$1,289 MXN per night per person, double occupancy

$1,200 MXN per night per person, triple occupancy and quadruple occupancy (3-4 people per room)

$640 MXN Under 4-11 years old, sharing room with adults

Includes: Standard room with terrace and sea view (Two Double Beds or One King Sized Bed), All buffet type meals, free domestic drink bar from 10-22 hrs, Pool area from 12am-4pm, Snack in the Pool Area fro 1:30-5pm.







Room and 2 Buffet Breakfast

$1,689 plus 19% theft MXN Price Based on Double Occupation, per double room, per night





Simple Room Package, Per Person

$1,360 MXN plus 19% theft